Unlock your Soil's Potential

Soil compaction is a form of soil degradation. It strangles the life out of soil. Yield losses are not uncommon and in extreme cases crop failure and severe erosion can occur.

All farming activities will cause soil compaction.  Any vehicle movement or livestock activity will compress the soil. Cultivation breaks down soil aggregates, soil structure, porosity and humus.

Any activity that reduces the porosity or bulk of your soil is causing soil compaction. 

A Paxton Plow Co Soil Renovator can reset your soil and let it produce to its full potential.


Check Out the Root Structure.....



The plant on the left is from unrenovated land whereas the plant on the right is from soil renovated to a depth of 500mm.  Note the difference in root structure and plant size.

As the roots do not have to contend with a hard pan they are free to access nutrients and moisture down deeper in the soil profile.