CB Series Culti Bar

 The CB Series Culti Bar redefines what a tillage bar can be!

From Primary Tillage to Seeding and everything in between the CB Series models are built to withstand whatever conditions your farming system entails.

With generous toolbar spacings and well thought out tyne layouts CB Series machines can handle copious amounts of trash and residue with ease.

Fitted standard with the proven Flexi Coil HT 550 tyne assembly with a two bolt hole leg the CB Series can be configured as a:

  • Cultivator
  • Scarifier
  • Chisel Plow
  • Airseeder Bar

As with all Paxton Plow Co machines the CB Series can be custom built to suit your application.  Contact Us today!

CB 6 Series Culti Bar

The CB 6 Series Culti Bar is a rugged, compact and highly manoeuvrable unit.  It features a 3.5m transport width (depending on points), over centre wing fold and a wide wheel base making it very stable on the road.

Fitted with front castors and a 'tight turn' floating hitch the agileCB 6 can follow some of the most undulating ground conditions.

Made from a heavy 100 x 100 x 9mm frame and with industrial components the CB 6 is Simple, Strong and Reliable.

 Spacings: 250mm (10") or 305mm (12"). Others on request.

Working Widths: 6m (20') to 9.6m (32') Subject to spacing.

The Ideal Seeder Bar....

The CB Series Culti Bars can be configured as part of an air seeding system.

Contact Us today for more information.