DT Series Deep Tillage Soil Renovators

All DT Series Renovators feature the Paxton Plow Co NIT-750 Hydraulic Shank Assembly.  With a maximum working depth of 750mm and a breakout pressure of up to 2000lbf this shank will remove the deepest hard pans.

Maintaining the narrow edge on shank and low angle digging point of the SR Series allows for maximum uplift and minimum draft.  The compacted layer will lift and shatter without inversion keeping the topsoil and all other soil horizons exactly where they should be - on top!

Two vertical shank mounting positions allow the machines to be set up in a Shallow Leading Tine configuration if desired.

Unlock your Soil's Potential

Soil compaction is a form of soil degradation. It strangles the life out of soil. Yield losses are not uncommon and in extreme cases crop failure and severe erosion can occur.

All farming activities will cause soil compaction. Any vehicle movement or livestock activity will compress the soil. Cultivation breaks down soil aggregates, soil structure, porosity and humus.

Any activity that reduces the porosity or bulk of your soil is causing soil compaction.

A Paxton Plow Co Soil Renovator can reset your soil and let it produce to its full potential.

DT 7 Series Soil Renovator

With a massive 200 x 200 x 13mm frame and all industrial components the DT7 Series is one serious 'Deep Ripper'.

The DT7 features two deep spaced toolbars for exceptional residue handling and folding wings for transport.

Spacings: 500mm or 600mm 

Working Widths: 12m (39' 4") to 12.5m (41')