SR Series Soil Renovators

All SR Series Renovators feature the Paxton Plow Co NIT-500 Hydraulic Shank Assembly.  With a maximum working depth of 535mm and a breakout pressure of up to 2000lbf this shank is suitable for all farming systems.

The narrow edge on shank and low angle digging point allow for maximum uplift and minimum drag while breaking the compacted layer and keeping the topsoil exactly where it should be - on top!

Three vertical shank mounting positions allow the machines to be set up in a Shallow Leading Tine configuration if desired.

With a choice of linkage or trailing and fixed or folding frames there is a model to suit every application.  Controlled Traffic variants are available in all styles in both metric and imperial dimensions.

Check out the difference in Root Structure!

The plant on the left is from unrenovated land whereas the plant on the right is from soil renovated to a depth of 500mm.

Note the difference in root structure and plant size.

As the roots do not have to contend with a hard pan they are free to access nutrients and moisture down deeper in the soil profile.

Unlock your soil's potential!

SR7 Series Soil Renovator

With a heavy frame, in-built strength and industrial qualities the SR7 Series will suit the largest tractors and the biggest farming operations.

The SR7 features three toolbars for exceptional residue handling and folding wings for transport.

Spacings: 420mm, 450mm, 500mm or 600mm 

Working Widths: 9.66m (31' 8") to 13.2m (43') 

SR6 Series Soil Renovator

All the benefits of its big a smaller machine!  The SR6 Series will suit the large FWA and smaller articulated and tracked tractors.

The SR6 has a three toolbar frame for exceptional residue handling.

Spacings: 420mm, 450mm, 500mm or 600mm 

Working Widths: 4.62m (15' 2") to 7.65m (25' 1") 

SR4 Series Soil Renovator

With a solid frame and in-built strength the SR4 Series is the linkage machine to suit the largest tractors and the demands they place on machinery.

The SR4 has a deep two toolbar frame for excellent residue handling and is available in Cat III or Cat IV Linkage.

Spacings: 400mm, 450mm, 500mm or 600mm 

Working Widths: 2.8m (9' 3") to 7.6m (24' 11")